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Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Adsmedia, Your reliable and the best of PPM programs

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In this joyful times, I want to tell you some information about Adsmedia. What is Adsmedia? Adsmedia is advertisement services that have a PPM programs similar to another PPM but with more benefit and earning for publisher. If you ever join another PPM programs then you will be glad if you join and focus in Adsmedia as your trustful PPM(Paid per Impression) program.

One of the founder of Adsmedia is Asri Tadda, if you don't know who he is, then you might be knew him from his primary website : Yes, he is one of my guru, and he has more experiences than me. He better known as the teacher for internet education for children and attend as notespeaker at many seminar about internet education in many cities in Indonesia. And also, he had already earned many thousand dollars from his experiences in the past through his online bussiness. He was really skillful to manage his online bussiness.

Ok, back to adsmedia, adsmedia is one of the products of his company,Maxxxadvertising. Besides Adsmedia, you would be interested in Promote Burner(for this product I will reviewed it in my forthcoming articles). Adsmedia had better rate of earning per your visitor's click compare to other PPC programs, I already one of its publisher since I put my adsmedia's advertisement banner above my articles.

So friends, what do you waiting for? Join with me and earned more online income with Adsmedia, your trustworthy PPM programs.

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