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Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Success is my right by andrie wongso

Hello my readers,how are you today

I hope you are all fine
Today,I want to share you about andrie wongso,he is one of my life inspirator,the one who made me confident and  always had gratitude and bravery to do the best in my life.One of his original quote is "success is my right".I really feel awesome with this word.His words energizing me,burning my life spirit and fuelled my desire to made today is better than yesterday and tomorrow should be better than today.

Success is not only possessed by few people,but success is everyone's right,remember that friends! Don't hang on your past life,Honestly I had more than enough bad past life.But I don't want to be in despair forever. I must be the best. I must got up from my past and reborn again and again. It will be difficult to change quickly to do the better life but I still had my faith and change my life better.

If you want to read anything about his lesson and metaphor story by him,I encourage you to visit his official website in ,there is more than common motivation and or inspiration that you got from there,but also you had some information about his seminar and his motivation stuff thing in his retail store.Obviously,his past struggling life would be one of best example that you want to do in your private life.Don't forget to subscribe to his newsletter so you got his updates about some bonus in his website and new articles and also new seminar that be held by him with some collaboration with other motivators.

For your success,pals. I pray for it.

Thank you to be my loyal readers,see you in my next articles.