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Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

10 things that more valuable than money itself

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

This time I will discuss about 10 things that more valuable than money itself. OK, I already knew that most people in the world(maybe yourself) will be react against this articles oppositely because (maybe) you think that money is your sources of happiness. Well, this statement is not wrong as well as not right. The true principles that you should had, the money was only one of "a tool" that you must gained to reached your happiness, but remember what I said that this things below was more valuable than money itself, so you should take this things as your priority to be kept and reserved above money.

Here is the list :

1.) GOD

We are special creatures in this real world that had a "religious consciousness". There is The Supreme Creator behind this Universe's creation. That's you called God, no matter your religion and or beliefs, don't forget to pray daily and always remember Him to keep us from harm and always give us guidance within our life. Although we have been worked in the office and busy with our jobs to earns our life.

2.) Family (and or relatives)

The family is our most valuable asset that can't be exchanged even with all of gathered treasure and money in the world. If you had been married, then you really conscious that the family was so valuable, you were sacrificed anything only to kept your family's intact. So you should take your family as your priority rather than busy to thinking about money. Did you agreed by what I said? 

3.) Friends (relation/colleagues)

Friend was essentials things that you should have to gained your ultimate happiness besides God and your family. If you had best friends and many colleagues, you should kept your relationship with them by held some social meetings and other social-related gathering. Indonesian people said "silaturahmi". This things was important because there is so many cases that your friends will offered assistances to you in many difficulties (including your financial,relationship and or other simple things problem) even without your request,just share your burden with your reliable friends, and I believe they will help you. True friends never die :D

4.) Needs to peace, freedom and harmony

Did you had some relatives that ever lived in warfield? If they told you that war is really terrible then you should give your thankfulness to God that you had been lived in peaceful-independent country. If you had offered a billion of dollars and the peace,freedom and harmony,which one did you choose?
There is many incidents that rich people got stressed and committed suicide by hanged him/herself, did you know why? Because there is no peace within his/her heart..,for sure.

5.) Health

Simple word with deep meaning within it. Did you want to exchange your health with billion of money? Did you want to exchange your limbs with many golds,diamonds and another expensive jewelry? Only the crazy (and stupid) people agreed to exchange their most valuable assets from God with money. So take care of your health and you will know that you were so rich. Because you were so valuable in His eyes.

6.) Rich people's mindset,skill and knowledge

I already read the interesting book in library that research about rich people around the world. There is one rich man called Ford, his longname is Henry Ford, the CEO of Ford Inc,one of largest automotive industry in the world. He said that if I lost all of my wealth in one day, I was really sure that I could bring it back quickly and spent more efficient times to got it rather than my previous wealth. It will be happen because he was already had rich people's mindset,skill and knowledge. This is the obvious differencies between rich people and (average) poor people.

7.) Heart's richness and ability to feel happy and thankful in the "stormy weather"

Your widening heart will bring you to peaceful mind. No hatred,no revenge,and no "rotten" conflict. And with the pure and clean heart, you will be more happy and thankful even in the "stormy weather" or difficulties in your life. Considering that your revenge and hatred was nothing more than burden, you would be more focus and determined to got more higher achievement along your life. This thing never ever be exchanged with money....

8.) L.O.V.E

This word contained a lot of senses since there is so many kinds of love. But now I represent it for the "universal love". Every creature in the world need to love and to be loved. Even the most ferocious animals like wolves, would be more protective to their "children". This is because love was the most precious gift from God. One of the songs titled "Stop" from old girlsband, SpiceGirl told you that girl need more "human touch". I think that "human touch" was referred as love itself.

"Stop right now, thank you very much...
I need somebody with the human touch."

9.) Independency

Independency has grown up from our responsibility about our own life. With this thing, we will be able to manage every action we did and take responsibility for what we have done before. Independency was important for adult people because without this attitude and also with discipline, we never had highest achievement that we should achieved in our life. 

10.) (Simple) Happiness mood

There is a proverb that told about happiness : "It was better to had fake happiness rather than had real sorrow". However happiness was related to thankful attitude that we should have. Just take a look at your youngest children that still in Kindergarten or elementary school. Look at his/her face, they have simple happiness and sinless appearances. This occurs because they don't think complicated things like adults thinking. Modesty and smoothness that they had was really interesting. And I believe they have not disturbed by any worried. So let's start your day with pray,hope and smile. Believe that today will be fine and anything will be OK. Control your emotion smoothly because others can see what's wrong with you from your outside appearance. 

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

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Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

The art of blogfarming : "My blog is my pets !!!"

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

This time I will discuss about blogfarming. What is the meaning of blogfarming itself? Blogfarming consist of 2 words, blog and farming. Blog is the abbreviation of "web-blogging",the website that contained almost of its contents by articles, wrote by the author of the blog itself or rewrote from another articles sources and or other blog with similar topics. And farming is breeding,means keep their blogs to be grown up, and not to let them "died" and its ash was disappeared (from major search engine like Google,MSN Bing or Yahoo).

Ok,First I will tell you the benefit of the blogfarming :

1.) You had more back-up blogs that you can handle so you had more "soldiers" to faced the "War" like :

a.) Paid To Review,
b.) Paid Per Impression Banner
c.) Paid Per Click Advertisement Banner and or TextLink
d.) Paid per etcetera.....bla bla bla

The list above is only a little war that you can played in internet bussiness area. However, with your SEO and blogging skills I believe you can "train" your soldiers hardly so they will be "strong enough" to overcome so many wars :D

2.) Your knowledge and your writing skills will be improved day by day until you gained reputation as one of the "Elder"

C'mon guys/girls, I just kidding, I means the elder is senior blogger because they had so many experiences in internet bussiness field, from "little risk and no cost" to "high risk and higher cost". So don't be afraid to write something in your minds, besides your knowledge will be improved, you will be more creative and obviously smart because everyday you increase your knowledge unconsciously. Trust me !! :D

3.) You multiplied your internet bussiness earning

Of course it will be happen if you knew some of the tips about blogfarming, and imagine that you had (for example) 5 active blogs, if 5 blogs had been active and updates regularly, you will be multiplied your earning by five factorial. But I reminds you to be careful when you had blogfarming.

Here is my tips to breeding Blog :

1.) Feed your blogs regularly

Hahahahah...I means, update your blogs regularly,like cattle animals, they will be mad and disappeared by their own way in major search engine result page if they left alone and not to be handled properly, also if you really serious to expand your internet bussiness you must do this furthermore trick :

2.) Hire some farm and husbandry labour to feed your blogs

This is the trick from my senior,Mister Triwahyudi. Currently, he hired some of "guest writer" to write some new articles about blogging and SEO. Based on Leadership principles, don't do your whole details jobs by yourself, but delegate it to others so you had more spare times to do your general jobs. The best one of the articles that had been wrote by guess writers will be selected and got some adoration as outcoming articles today.
However it will be easier if you had paid domain website and got your wordpress turbo plugin within your website so you can managed your exclusive accounts and your guess writers's reguler accounts :D

3.) If your cattle/pets was sick,cure it as soon as possible

This is some example image for your sick blog,had no complete body ,almost dissappeared from internet's world :

Heheheheh...Sick is means one of your "old" blogs was banned from google for "some untold reason", don't be panic friends, you must cure it by give them antidote like this :

a.) Intense rapidly Blogwalking(but don't be spamming or you will lost your chance to got more blogger friends)
b.) Intense blogs updates by your own original articles
c.) Diligent to bookmarking to social bookmarking site(you
    already knew it,such as digg,delicious,stumbleupon,lintas berita,reddit etc)
d.) Optimize your SEO
e.) Trade your link with another high quality web/blog with     pagerank minimum 3 intensively
f.) Etc (You knew better than me :D)

4.) Cleanse your cattle/pets by bathed them regularly

What does it means? It means you must regularly check your blog and maintenance it, maybe there is a broken link,broken chatbox,unloaded image,etc...This includes clean your comments box at every articles regularly from spamming-sounded comments.

5.) Don't forget to check-up their health

Check your alexa rank and also pagerank of your web/blog regularly.

6.) Join some cattle/pets contest

By join some of SEO contest, your blogs got more reputation and got more traffic too. Your pets will be proud and HAPPY if they won this contest,dude !! :D

7.) Let them walking away and be recognized by other farmer after you feed them to increase their happiness

It means, you must ping your blog/web in free ping services web like pingoat and or pingomatic regularly after you just already add your new article. This is essentials but often forgotten by many blogger.

If you want to add this list, I let you...just,give some comments below this articles,thanks

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

P.S :

I am sorry but :

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Adsmedia, Your reliable and the best of PPM programs

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

In this joyful times, I want to tell you some information about Adsmedia. What is Adsmedia? Adsmedia is advertisement services that have a PPM programs similar to another PPM but with more benefit and earning for publisher. If you ever join another PPM programs then you will be glad if you join and focus in Adsmedia as your trustful PPM(Paid per Impression) program.

One of the founder of Adsmedia is Asri Tadda, if you don't know who he is, then you might be knew him from his primary website : Yes, he is one of my guru, and he has more experiences than me. He better known as the teacher for internet education for children and attend as notespeaker at many seminar about internet education in many cities in Indonesia. And also, he had already earned many thousand dollars from his experiences in the past through his online bussiness. He was really skillful to manage his online bussiness.

Ok, back to adsmedia, adsmedia is one of the products of his company,Maxxxadvertising. Besides Adsmedia, you would be interested in Promote Burner(for this product I will reviewed it in my forthcoming articles). Adsmedia had better rate of earning per your visitor's click compare to other PPC programs, I already one of its publisher since I put my adsmedia's advertisement banner above my articles.

So friends, what do you waiting for? Join with me and earned more online income with Adsmedia, your trustworthy PPM programs.

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

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Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Microworkers,your best solution part time-online job

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine.

Hello all of my readers, I just want to say thank you for your loyality to be my readers, I really highly appreciated your loyality indeed. And now, I want to give you an interesting info. This info is very valuable and useful to increase our online income. Ok, to the point. I introduce Microworkers to you, one of the best part time or freelancer jobs you ever knew. You had to asked me why? I explain the reason why,later. But I reminds you first,that each person had unique ability and creativity minds, did you agree to me? Yes, you prove my statement in your daily life, you could made much great achievement in some years in your academic life or even in non-academic like you had a reward for winning running competition etc.

I think you could be feel more challenged when you had rated by someone that you respected with good score. I just challenged you too to made much achievement in this part time job such Microworkers and of course you will be rewarded by earning money(dollars). Do you accept my challenge to made more money by your hands itself? :D. If you want to earn much money from Microworkers you might be diligent and practice more to be the best fast writer and I am too still in the process of learning that. Heheheh..

Microworkers give you rating for your finished jobs. If you pick up some jobs and finished that in avalaible time limit that had been given my client, you will be rewarded. And don't worry to be stock out of jobs, there is many client in this website that accept more than 50 workers at the same time for one job. Interesting right? Yeah, but you should be patience and be persistent because like this name :[micro] and [workers], you will be received a little of dollar for finished one job but, If you were diligent, you should be highly rewarded by clients. I had been satisfied that I earn 4+ dollars currently for finish 30+ simple jobs. I am a beginner too like you dude!! :D. And remember what I said, you must hold your job rating at least 75% or you will be banned forever from Microworkers. Horror? no friends !! it was challenge to test our skills !!

Are there more benefits to join this program? of course, you might be surprised because almost of these jobs in Microworkers was very simple and you guess what? Many people in worldwide(including Indonesian people like me) proof that this program really paid you. This is serious, I means this site was reliable and trusted by many others online part timer like me. :D. Oh yes,did you had any of "online wallet" like paypal? if you don't have any kind of these account then you should be revisited my articles about virtual money deposit here and join one of your mostly like online wallet account. Oh, I was almost forgot, you must had more than one email account to "sign up task" from clients. Because sometimes, there are clients had an order to sign up to dating situs or similar like this. So your privacy will be reserved :D.

Here is my proof that of my earning from microworkers(I will withdraw it when reached 10 dollars) :

 As I said, diligent and perseverance was very important things to be successful person. Remember it,ok? :D. I could said that Microworkers is your best solution part time-online job ever,especially for beginner like us.(for more advance online-bussinessman, don't be shy to take part to share your knowledge to your beginner :D)

Here is my tips to do this "micro jobs in microworkers as my reward to you as my loyal reader :

1.) You must had fluent English, 

if you didn't, you still got your earning by the helping of dictionary and even Google Translate or some software tools like Linguist creative, friends...!!

2.) You must had a website or blogs that used to review client products

However, this is optional and even you had it you must had google pagerank of 1 and at least your blog's age has 6 months old. So you might be started to earning by fulfilled all of sign-up or bookmarking some site by client's request. The job itself was very simple friends...:D

3.) You must be diligent and persevere to do your task

4.) Don't forget to donate your earning as tithe

Ok, I hope you will be happy to read my articles. If you want to join and accept my challenge then click this preferred link below to register yourself and started to work !!

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

preferred link :

Good luck mateys !!!
And happy earnings ...

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Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

Branding, one of the most important things to create your bussiness image

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

This time I will discuss about the important of branding. What is the meaning of branding itself? In my opinion, branding was described your overall bussiness images to public and especially to your prospective customers.In real bussiness's core, branding was the vital point to give your bussiness identity and unique differences compare than your rivals. Almost all of the marketer knew about the important of branding his client's or his/her products. At any rate with online bussiness products. As we knew, almost all of the products that offered in internet had no physical matters, but often it shaped in the form of services(for examples: VCC verified services by Dewi Palupi), digital e-books, and another unphysical things that could be sold to the online marketplaces.

I found that almost all of the online-bussinessman/woman, created their own bussiness name as their image, they expected that their branding might lifted a good images about his/her products and also built their customer trust. I enlist some of their bussiness branding's name in here(you may added the rest of them by give your comments in this article's comment).


Here is the list of Indonesian senior blogger,this list will be added regularly by your suggestion in article's comment, I hope you(and me) will learn a ton of knowledge to got more online-earning from them :
(His/her domain name showed his/her market branding)


and many more...(help me to build this list)

The list above would be added day by day. Too much to be mentioned one by one. This is the proof of the Indonesian blogger's talents. So for Indonesian people, be proud of your skillful bloggers above :D.

In my case, I choose my blog's name : Mifblogs, I had a vision that simpler is better. The branding's name of your web/blog should be easy to remembered by your customer. This also one of the ways 

The interesting fact is one of my close (real) friends named Syarif branded all of his web's name by the suffix "-qu",

For examples :


( I don't know how much his website he built since he never told me all of his websites and his blogs :D)

So my friends, did you had created your own branding's bussiness name? :D

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Tips and trick to keep your website/blog's alexa rank and or its Google PageRank

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

This time I will discuss a significant topic about how to keep your web/blog's alexa and or google pagerank. No friends, I want give you natural ways and not to be cheating because sooner or later, google crawler as google bot script would detected your cheat and banned you forever from google's SERP(Search Engine Result Page). And you know that this is really "horror" for your web/blog's existence because you will lost the massive amount of free direct traffic from Google.

As we all knew about alexa and Google Pagerank(PR) will be a massive amount of point to got your initial traffic. But did you knew how to keep your alexa and PR unless you played in some of paid to review writing's articles? I had no sufficient data how to keep it but I want to tell you from my blogging's experiences up till now.

This is you must do and don't as the serious "professional" blogger to keep your alexa and PR :

1.) Always,always and always update regularly, even only for short articles(approximately 100-150 words)

This is vital point for your blog's life. If I had an analogy, I see my blog as my pet. If I don't feed them regularly, of course they will be die as soon as possible right? So what food did you must give to your "pet"? In blog's case you must feed them by regularly update them. But the question is, how many times you (and me) must update our blog regularly? There is no official regulation in it,heheheh...however, it was better to marked your calender as your commitment to update and "feed" your blog regularly so your blog always "healthy" and "strong" enough to be played in many field of online bussiness. This is my advice for you, I encourage you to at least 2 times a week update your blogs. This activity however, depends on blogger's spare time in his/her daily life (except for full time blogger).

2.) If you have been played for some Paid To Review programs(PTR), then you must add your original articles between your PTR's articles

This is vital point to keep your pagerank, you must had some tricks to do it, since if you had an ability for writing PTR's articles so you must insert your original (don't copy from another articles,but you might be rewrite it by your own creativity). So don't leave your PTR's articles opened for the long times of dormant period of no-article's update. This is dangerous. Moreover,when your PTR's articles had no direct related's topic with your blog's topic. The good example is : If your blog's topic is bussiness but you must review some of home and furniture topic's  website. I am really sure you will be banned by Google when you had not update your recent articles as soon as possibles. (In indonesian language it was called : berselang-seling/bergantian).

Interesting facts that I lost my pagerank since early january of 2010. And now, my pagerank is N/A alias not available, it is sad enough for me. This is occured as a consequences of my absence of updating my blogs at the end of the last year(2009). But, I still had a bravery to keep my blogging's activity. Because some of senior blogger ever had experience of this problem, and getting off the ground, so if they can, why I can't do it?

Be brave for you my friend that got this "disaster" because if we had a strong will there is a way opened....I still believe for it !!

3.) Don't forget to do 3B activity : befriends,blogwalking,bookmarking to social bookmark

If I had a good analogy for it, I want you to imagine that you had a new home-made product like cute hairclip and you want to sell it. What the first things you must do? Ok,here is the answer : you must had many network and many friends, you know that home-made product is a common woman product and you could started your promotion to your family, close friends, and or your classmate. If you reached this marketplace and they are interested then it is a sign that you got your first customer marketplace, you might expanded your market to introduce your product to other community like your online community etc. So the function of community is you will depends on each other and solving common problems that related to your community's sake. That's why I let you to have so many friends of blogger so you will interact each other and had resolve your blogging's problem. This is essential,for sure.

And for bookmarking to social bookmark, this is nice ways to introduce your article's contents to more of millions reader of blogger over this world and of course you will(unconsciously) send unique traffic to your web/blog from this social bookmarking site for free !! I recommends you to use stumbleupon, digg, reddit, technorati, mybloglog and another useful social bookmark.

4.) Don't use google adsense banner along in one page besides your Paid to Review articles.

I recommends you to create your new special blog for google adsense only, because Google was really "angry" when its ads put in one page along with your Paid To Review articles. It was dangerous and of course it is your fastest ways to get banned from Search Engine Result Page of Google. So,becareful for it friends.

Ok friends, enough for now. I really appreciated when you put your comment in this articles and add your opinion and your advice to this articles. Thank you for your participation, mateys.

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

Tips to doing your online side-job efficiently

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

In this precious time, I want to discuss about some of my experiences in online-side job at every field. First, I want to tell you that I am still college students in one of private university in Bandung,Indonesia. I usually finish my online side-job when I had spare time. Before I do this online side-job, I got many order from my friends(in real world) to translate every page in english-based text books so they could understand the overall content of this books. There is many kinds of the books,mostly from non-Indonesian publisher. And I like it since my friends always give me some "pocket money",but usually I keep it at my bank account.(Like Indonesian people said : sedikit demi sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit.), and sometimes I had been worked as a private teacher for middle and or senior high school, often my clients is from the brother's or sister's colleague.

Now, I started my online side-job. In my knowledge, there is many ways, maybe almost unlimited ways to got earning from internet. And since internet was a wildwood, so it was important to you(and me) to got an correct and accurate information about how we got earning from internet.

Here is some tips from me to do your online side-job :

1.) Always learn and then practice your knowledge from senior blogger in your country

This is vertical connection that you must build,you must learn from senior blogger's experiences. I prefer to learn and befriends with many successfull local blogger like cosaranda,hakimtea,lutviavandi,mashengky,indradiky,astaqauliyah,and many others indonesian senior blogger rather than foreign blogger,because I could learned many information quickly and familiar with my learning to increase my earning thanks to them that I had been found many ways to increase my earning. I had a moral debt for them as "my guru". But if you had more intellegence in language example, mandarin,france or english,why you don't increase your blogging and bussiness capacity by attend and participated in international bussiness online forum like warriorforums? :D
In indonesia, you could participated in adsense-id forums or even kaskus.

2.) Focus,persistence, and be disciplined in your own ways

In online side-job,there is no boss that always commands you to do this or that specific jobs, in fact you are the boss !! So you must be independence and had leadership quality in nature, you must leads yourself to your purpose. This is really difficult but just try it. Because I believe there is no success without discipline and persistence. In Indonesian language it was called : ulet,rajin,gigih. You must paid attention and focus only to your purpose. Don't hear so many mocking sound from others that teases you. Be discipline with your own agenda. You must know when you must update your blog,when you must handle your PPC program or else online side-job activity. You are the king for yourself,remember that :D

Interesting fact, I was not a genius student, but I still got at least one of 5 top ranks in my class until now, thanks to my perseverance. But don't be too obstinate, you must caring for others advices too,especially from your colleague :)

3.) Don't hope too much earning from your early online side-job activity

Even in "real world" bussiness itself,there is incubation time when you must waiting for your ROI time. What is ROI? ROI is the abbreviation from Return Of Investment or you might said Rate Of Return : how much profit or cost saving is realized. So you must be patience and be clever to manage your ways so you had your ROI time as soon as possible compared than other bloggers, and don't forget to share your experiences to others beginner because I believe all of the blogger is one big family :D

There is your trial and error time occured and you might be suffered some loss or damage. But you must be persistence and tough. Learn more and many more knowledge from your senior and be brave to practice it. Of course you had more experiences now so you should be more efficient and be fast to solve and overcome your obstacle :).

4.) Don't do any of illegal things to breakthrough your online income

In recent days,there is youth indonesian people that always spent his valuable spare time to bet some money to buy chips in Zynga poker(one of facebook application that permitted you to played only when you had facebook account) and play poker as gambling game. You knew that this is forbidden by our legal laws and even by our religious culture itself, if they won the game and receive money from it,the money was called "blood money" and they will be suffered in their eternal life,for sure. No friends, I don't want to restrain you from your have-fun activity,the games itself was good to relieve our stress but the gambling was not good for yourself,because you eat "blood money" later.

Beside this activity, I noticed that there is some illegal deeds like hacking and carding, I don't want you to do like this, you must got your online-earning legally and safely,so becareful from now. It was better to do legal online-bussiness rather than do illegal activity that prohibited by goverment laws. 

Remember to do always "halal" activity and you will got "halal" money too...

5.) Delegate your detail-complicated jobs to your partner

This means, if you had a skillful friends,why you don't delegate your jobs to your partner, as example you had a partner that had spoken english fluently, you could hired him/her as your shadow writer for your english articles. I am not kidding friends, you could save more of your valuable times by delegating skillful person like them.

6.) Don't forget to pray according to your each own beliefs

Besides all of your efforts above, you must believe for divine existence (and assistances) for your successful blogging's journey. Don't forget to prays regularly because this is your obligation. If you are nearer to God than God is nearer to you, and conversely so on. And if you are near to God then ask your request and you will be given.

I almost forgot that you must donate your "tithe", I hope that your forthcoming online-income will be better and overabundance of gifted God's blessings.Amen.

If you had more tips to be added in this list,don't be reluctant to comment in comment session below and participated in every of my articles, thanks. 

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Tips to increase your PPC program's earnings and increase your blog's visitor

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

This time I will brought you to the topic about tips to increase paid per click program's earning. But before my explanation, I want to describe what the meaning of paid per click programs or shortly called PPC. PPC is one of the many kinds of way to earning money from internet, we would be paid from the clicks from our web/blog visitor that visited us.

If you want to be the member of PPC programs(as blogger or publisher) then you should be register of one of local PPC below :

Do you want to join KumpulBlogger,click here

KumpulBlogger is the most trusted local PPC program in Indonesia, therefore you should registered your publisher account in KumpulBlogger. With almost of 100.000 publisher and successful paid out all the time, this site was recommended for newbie blogger.

Do you want to join AdsenseCamp,click here

Since the suggestion by one of my friend, I add this link to register as publisher AdsenseCamp,AdsenseCamp had a good reputation among blogger too,and I guaranteed you might be satisfied with their services,good luck !!

PPC is also one of the easiest ways to earning money online, but you must fulfill these requirement properly or your account will be banned and or even your account won't be banned but your earning not to be satisfied because too little clicks by visitor,this is my advice and some tips from me to increase earning from PPC programs :

1.) You must had a continue update web/blog
at least 2 times in a week so you had a regularly streaming of visitor, even my blog was in proccess to got a lot of visitor per day. I hope I had 100 visitor per day in my headquarter. Amen.

2.) You must be diligent to blogwalking and befriends with another web/blog author
and don't be shy or reluctant to attend real time gathering events in your cities, in Indonesia there is so many gathering that be held by local blogger, for example is batagor(Bandung Kota Blogger) etc. The events could be Pesta Blogger or else.

3.) You must be diligent to trade your link and give your comments to your "neighbour" web/blog
What is the purpose for comment? Your comment was not only to insert your inbound link to another blog, but also represents your intelligence,culture and what is the content of your minds too. So with high quality comments(and not junks or spit bad words in other blogs) in another blogs especially at your friend's blog,you slowly but sure build your reputation and credibility as serious blogger. And what the meaning of trade link? trade link is your useful tools to creates simultan connection between your link and other web/blog link. Honestly I don't know the details about google's algorithms for this complicated calculation value of the link. And I was gladly accepted your link trade openhandedly :D

4.) Don't be lazy to update your blogging knowledge 
by studied from the experiences of senior blogger. Remember that there is no real height of the skies,there is always higher sky over our reachable skies(in Indonesian it was called : diatas langit masih ada langit).
The keywords is study,practice it,and focus simple right ? :D

5.) Be creative,
there is many ways to the Rome,but always choose the best valuable ways so in the end you had more reputation,friends,self esteem (and also earning) and etc for what you've done seriously. You know what I means? Albert Einstein in one of his statement said : Imagination was more valuable than science itself. But what imagination ? I think that the imagination guided by knowledge and our experiences (and our pray) would brought us closer to our goal :D

6.) Don't be too strict to limited your blogging style
 , I was dare to wrote this blog even I had no writing background,heheheh...
In my beliefs, Google really hate the copied articles from other web/blog. So the originality of your blogging style would be required to placed your articles link in top tier google searching page.

7.) If you had a complicated articles that might be confused your visitor,you must attached the video or another explanation image that had explained your articles.

If you had an experiences to increase your visitor,dont be shy to give some comments below this articles. I was very glad to your participation in my blog,thanks a lot.

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

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Human body is the best "self-repaired machine"

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

First I just want to say this is my original article,no repost :D

This time, I want to discuss the topic about your human body as self-repaired machine. I was so glad that I had a good health and recovered from my influenza so I am back to write my new articles.

Did you know that your body was the best self-repaired machine ever? Imagine that when you got flu like myself, I don't like to drank some antibiotic, I prefer to elongate my sleeptime and consume more vegetables and fruits(especially to be juiced), rather than consuming drugs. So I build my body's defenses stronger than others that depends on drugs only. I believe my body had self-repaired system naturally even when I had slept, my antibody worked well.

Self repaired system in your body helped you to maintain sustaining activity in your daily life and attain your stamina (again)so you would be recovered from sickness,pain,or injuries incredibly fast. This happen naturally and I had some information that you should be paid attention in it. Here is my information,you should be :

1.) Try to feasting at least once in a week

In my opinion, the most cause of disease is the foods and drinks that we usually eat/drink everyday? Did you remember how much weight that you gained and this consequences(of sickness) from your overweight body? Many of doctors and even religious clergy from almost every religion and beliefs told you that feasting was healthy. Ironically, recent human eat pattern was too consumable and really dangerous at this rate they would be got a serious complaint like colon cancer and even heart attack and or diabetes, so do you really knew that you accumulate these disease unconciously while you were too busy to maintain your health and your eat pattern? You knew that your body had a limit to digest your everyday meal and drink that you had consumed? If you understand the nature of your body then you should be feasting at last every weekend to cleansing your bowl digestion from inconsumable meal and or drink. The effect of feasting could be made your body feel light and always fresh, prevent most of carcinogenic disease like cancer(especially colon cancer),your five senses sensory was more receptible and sharp,prevent almost of skin disease like dermatitis,acne, etc. And the most important about the purpose of feasting is you keep the balance of spiritual energy(chi/aura) within of your body so you had more body defenses than others and fast recovery from injuries(try it,just feasting at least once in a week). Congratulation,you had a super-efficient self repaired body sistem :D !!

2.) Free your minds for pressure,worried and stress

Stress is one of the most important reason that your body defenses had worn out. Just try to leave your job for a while and shifted your minds to every hobbies that you liked for example billiard,golf,pet,take a sport,or another activity that refreshed your previous pressured-state to be more relax, becareful from overworked because human body had not designed to be a restless machine. We are only human not cyborg. So you must maintain your health by rest regularly.

                                                 Dahlan Iskan

The most interesting story about someone that forgot his rest time to hurried in reach his target is the case of Dahlan Iskan(he is one of the most important person in JawaPos Group,the CEO of popular daily newspaper in east of Indonesia region). Mr.Dahlan Iskan was overworked person and (you might said) ambitious so JawaPos must be one of the leader of daily newspaper in East Indonesia region. Fortunately,his work was astoundingly succesfull. However,he must paid expensive price that his liver must be transplanted in Singapore hospital. That's terribly news I have been heard.

So I leave a simple message to you my reader, you must take a concern to your health and don't be so forceful about your work target and forgot your health.
Just knowing that there is time for work,there is time for rest,it just simple right :D ?
Obviously, we are only a mere human not perfect-endlessly worked machine and not even cyborg,be disciplined about the time to sleep and rest !!

3.) Don't forget to take a sport like aerobics at least 10 kilometres perday

I believe you are too lazy to take a sport since your daily activity had no related physical attribute,but I encourage you to be more walking rather than ride on your car or motorcycles. In roughly far distance it just ok to ride on your car or motorcyle but in near distance just try to walking so you took an aerobics unconsciously. Don't be too much sit in your chair but you must regularly take an light exercise to avoid stiffness and don't forget to drink a pure water because there is incidence that my girlfriend's mother had suffered kidney stone because drunk water insufficiently. Becareful from your bad habit that brought you to hospital, rapidly or slowly...

The conclusion is we should kept our body self-repaired efficiency system by leave our bad habit and had a deep concern for our health and also always following a recent update about health journal and or the matched articles about health.

Ok friends when you had any more advice to increase our body efficiency system,don't be shy to give your comments to this articles. Thank you.

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original content by Mif]