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Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Over my head

The world is all changing,
I can't believe my own eyes..

The moment I think I've figured it out,I'm flawed..
And I'm not so sure,of myself this time

I'm in over my head
And all I have is YOU now..
I'm in over my head
And all I need is holding on to YOU..

I can't see the way now,
But this one thing I know..

When everythings changing,YOU still closer than a friend..
And so I will bow,and my heart will trust,*

- Sisi spiritual seseorang bukan hanya ditentukan oleh seberapa banyak dia ibadah, tetapi seberapa banyak dia mengasihi Tuhan dan sesama, dan hidup yang berguna bagi orang lain bukan hanya (buat) dirinya sendiri.

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