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Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Watch Legion full trailer streaming movie

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This time I will discuss the topic about Legion Movie. You ever watch this film? In my opinion, this film was unique because there is so many heavenly plot that arranged by God itself. Even you that had no faith in God was so amazed by this film's scenario. Michael as archangel take a greater role in this film. And almost all of the scene in this movie had a simple reason : God gets tired of us lowly humans and decide to start over !!

I think every human had inner consciousness about himself that they had created by God on to obey Him and praise Him along the day. When God was really angry, there is great calamity occured to human race,as soon as possible. You want to know more to watch this movie streaming from your computer? Just
Watch Legion Online and enjoy this movie, I hope you like it. And don't forget, this movie was only entertainment :).

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