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Senin, 28 Desember 2009

The story between mifblogs and kamenriderology

Tsukasa Kadoya henshin to be kamen rider Decade

" I am not just passing through blogger, remember that !!"
this statement I copy from Tsukasa Kadoya's transform to be Kamen Rider Decade. But I change it little to express my willpower to be true blogger. [extravagant mode on]

This is my articles to sharing to you all about my blogs. I have 2 active blogs (Mifblogs since midyear of 2009 and Kamenriderology since November 2009). First, I want you to know that I wrote some blogs not just to monetizing it but of course I want to share everythings in my mind.

Mifblogs, to me,this is my pilot project, since I am still newbie @writing articles, I try to express everything in my mind even it's strange and uncommon :D. At my beginning articles, I wrote review about tabungan ekstra, even I don't have too much hope it will be worked, but I don't care, because I believe all of success person must crawling with hand and knees from bottom to the higher position and in the end I am flying to the highest sky(oh really? but yes !! I believe for that).

Phoenix is flying to the highest sky

And I was really happy that I had my first pagerank in this blog, eventhough pagerank 1 not too worthy for other blogger, but I want to give some credit to my readers and my other blogger that be my friend :D. Sometimes I can be nerd person but I am also friendly and open-minded person.

And Kamenriderology is my latest blog(of course I want to write some new blogs later, but with 2 blogs that I handle now, it just more than enough to make me busy :D) about kamen rider. Yes, I like tokusatsu in general and kamen rider (or masked rider in english said) especially. There is interesting fact about writing this one, from the beginning I have a wish that someday all of Indonesian people knew that kamen rider contained useful lesson how to manage your life and some good paragon that made by kamen rider's actor(of course there is some badass people too in  there :D).


Kamenriderology Signature

So that's why I wrote Kamenriderology in "bahasa" but sometimes I insert some english jargon to complete my explanation :D. And I don't want to be too strict and serious in my writing style in Kamenriderology (but I am serious to write my bussiness articles and some useful tips and tricks in Mifblogs)because kamen rider is only entertainment and even hobbies for his/her fans like me, so don't be surprised when you got some "itchy jokes" that makes you laugh in Kamenriderology :D (and I really like it very much), hahahahahah...:))))

Google translate

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that I add google translate tools at my both blogs, so to the foreign reader I hope they make it useful even some mistranslation will be occured but just try it, it was because I don't have too much knowledge in grammar and I am still learning to be the best :D. And how about alexa rank?

Oh, alexa is my girlfriend for now (hahahah..just kidding), I don't like to think too much about alexa rank because I am really sure when I have good (original) blog content(like this article), the reader like you all will be my loyal reader :) (hey bro/sis, don't forget to follow my articles ok ?!). And of course, I had to update my blog regularly. This one is useful to keep maintain google's spider needs. You got it right? In fact, google spider was "happy" when it finds a blog that updated regularly in other name "richy blog".

Oh, don't forget that I always try to make my entry by original content by my own way,  even I post some copycat articles only for PTR validation because I don't have too much time. I am really sorry for that. Soon I will repay it by writing my original articles (like this one that you read now).

Praying, I really need Him

At last, I always make my overall gratitude to God that He give me power to do all my tasks in both offline and online.

Ok, many thanks to you all !!

See you @my next articles !!

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Mursalin mengatakan...

What a fresh original post. I like it :)

By the way, your words "First, I want you to know that I wrote some blogs not just to monetizing it but of course I want to share everythings in my mind."

In my case, it is hard to not to monetize it. Instead, my blog exists to support monetizing purpose, I think you get what I'm trying to say :)

By the way, I'll come here often to see your articles.

And, who is this Indradky? You have his blog link?