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Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Earning money by tweeting and buzz marketing at social media


Hello my reader, nice to meet you today. Now, I am trying to explain about how we could increase positioning and marketing our product (as advertiser) and be paid by posting Twitter(as twitter user). Are you a true chatter? or even true gossiper in IRC Channel or you had Twitter account but you don't know what's remaining value of your time after you do that "tweet"? Then you must try this program.

Indonesian people said, "tong kosong nyaring bunyinya",but if you are a "true Twitter" and following me, you know that louder we talk, better earning we got. It's just simple.

This program was called "SponsoredTweets", of course you must fulfill these requirement to be paid by advertisers, these requirement is  : Your Twitter account must be at least 60 days old, have at least 100 followers and 100 status updates to be visible in searches to advertisers.

And you must note that even I am still newbie in Twitter so I don't have too much follower yet, so don't be shy to follow me :D, I am not biting like Doberman , I just trying to make bigger relation and sharing-related activity with you, that's all :D.

And you know why some advertisers choose twitter as their social media to introduce, promote and sell their products? You must know that Twitter had belonging to the 10 biggest alexa rank in global range domain in this world, this means if they do marketing activity by infiltrate their prospecting customer in Twitter, they had millions and even billions of people in this world as prospecting customer. Understand ? There is high valued price in advertisement, but with less effort, we could do it efficiently by social media advertising. And twittermania could take a chance to earn money by posting their tweets.

If you still don't understand what I said, then you must know Google Adsense publisher's case like Neopets. Google Adsense publishers like earn minimum hundred dollars permonth because so many members click their Google adsense ads that exist in most page of neopets, even when they play neopets world related-game besides earning from other advertiser that set forth their advertisement in neopets main page.

Interesting fact, in 2003-2004 I am one of Neopets member and I spend so many times to earn virtual money by gaming and screwing around in Neopets world. Neopets is really addicting.

In Indonesian case, it happen in, you must know that set flash advertisement in wide size area for one month in detik main page, valued approximately by seven digits rupiahs !! I am sure this happen because had so many reader, millions of Indonesian or even foreign reader everyday,everyhours,everyminutes,everysecond. Yeah, that's really cool that Indonesia had like had "everyminutes updated-newspaper". In foreign country we knew etc

So the power of [mouth by mouth marketing alias Buzz Marketing] was so powerfull that even [big company in Indonesia] choose to infiltrate social media like Facebook to get nice position marketing and create nice public opinion in there ( and in the end, building trusted and increase selling by loyal customer in the future,right? )

Each your related topic-tweets for advertiser, you can earn bucks from them. Easy ? not yet, you must obey their term and condition too :D, and don't [talking rude like Luna Maya in Twitter].

We call that gossip as common public opinion, and in Indonesian, infotainment gossip considered to be "true fact". Sadly, there is many artist had to be victim by press.

The common rules is you must respect others and you will be respected by others too. That rules is applied to both online and offline. OK?

Thank you for your attention

See you @my next articles

[Original Content,writing by Mif]

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Asfand Mudassir mengatakan...

Here I got I video, they say this is easiest way to make money online,

I am new and please someone check this and let me know that is it scam or really it works.

dezmembrari auto mengatakan...

We can use our sites only or Twitter accounts? I have a small site and I want to earn some money whit it

Mif on the duty mengatakan...

@dezmembrari auto , you can use your website to promote affiliate program in sponsoredtweets like me and when you fullfill these requirement,you should started to tweets @your private websites :D

film izle mengatakan...

Very nice blog.It has beautiful texts.I have seen it once.

Mif on the duty mengatakan...

@film izle , ah you are overrating me friends...:D,I am still beginner @writing some articles by myself.but thanks for your attention to my blog :D