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Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Paid2Youtube, earn bucks while you were streaming youtube video

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This time I will discuss about paid2youtube. Did you had a youtube account and feel tired and boring because had no earning while you spent almost of your online time in youtube. If so, then Paid2youtube is your solution. You should be register paid2youtube to fill your online wallet account because there is so much way to earning money in paid2youtube.

This is the example what you can do in paid2youtube : You can give a 5 star rating to someone youtube's videos,or you can streaming someone youtube's videos and watch it,or even giving comments(with time limit available) and open ads link. All will be rewarded, it is cool? And it is worthy to be your side job while you are blogging or maintain your website,and the minimum payment is 15 dollar so that's not too difficult since you can do it in your spare time.

And for you as online entrepreneur that had more money,why you don't promote and upload your video about your online bussiness in your youtube account and trying to made campaign in paid2youtube? This is initially possible since there is thousand peoples(minimum) that accessed paid2youtube every minutes. You will receive "huge buzz" and increase your unique web visitor and obviously sales increases will be rewarded to your balance account.

There is only one requirement to got money from paid2youtube,you must be very patience until amount of your dollar reached the minimum paid limit. But don't be dissapointed because this limit will be reached as soon as possible (in Indonesian,it was called "pecah telor").You should be diligent to regularly check your account and "your task". It will be refreshed every 10 or 30 minutes. And you must obey their term and condition and don't be cheat. ok?

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preferred link :

open paid2youtube account,click image below

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