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Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Virtual money deposit merchant in internet

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This time I want to discuss about "virtual money deposit merchant" in internet. Did you ever deposit your money in the bank in your real life? and making many kinds of payments through automatic bank account debet? If you ever do this then it will be easier to me to explain about virtual money deposit merchant in internet.

If you want to shopping in the market, what should you brought? A wallet right? It was the same when you buy something in internet. In my case, I want to buy action figure kamen rider in the amazon, then what should I do to paid when I had no credit card?

The answer is you must have "virtual wallet" that you can fill this wallet by your money currency then you can buy/sell this currency in trusted money changer. Very simple right? So, what the next step I must to do? I must registering myself in paypal or Liberty Reserve and fill the form properly so I can withdraw my money anywhere and anytime I want(term and condition applied). In paypal case you can verified your account by virtual credit card in here. You must note that,there is many kind of virtual credit card account and it must be suited for your needs.

You must protect your valuable wallet account by yourself, I means you must not share your username,password, nor your Personal Identification Number to others,not even to your relative or trusted friends,it is secret and privacy.

So, with your new "wallet" account as your virtual money account in internet you can shopping in many kind of trusted and reliable site, such as eBay,amazon,GoDaddy etc. And even you can made a payment for your online transaction as almost all of online shopping website accept this kind of payment.

I recommend Paypal and Liberty Reserve because I had a reason that Paypal is the most trusted payment that accepted (almost) worldwide countries and it was so popular that even your teenager knew about it. And Liberty Reserve is the same as paypal, and it is accepted worldwide, and practically more secure than paypal because there is time limit to access your account(for about 15 minutes) and if you leave your computer (example: go to the toilet)for more than 15 minutes,then you should be logout automatically, and every access to your sub-account menu was locked until you give unique PIN(that had been given by Liberty Reserve via your email) to access each of them. Really interesting and very secure, it was suitable for storing your funds in Liberty Reserve.

And for indonesian people, how could we withdraw our money from this "online wallet" to our local bank account? For paypal case, you can debet your account balance directly to your bank account. I recommend to have BCA or Bank Niaga account because it was easier to receive your money from your online wallet. You must do it manually, so be careful to do it. In Liberty Reserve case, you must go to TukarDuid, this is my current money changer merchant that I had trusted. You must be patience to use their services because they had some certain time to services their customers. But overall,their quality of services had been very good. And you can got your virtual credit card by using VCCmurah services. This virtual credit card is required to verified your paypal account.

This video will explain how to create your paypal account as online wallet,check this out :

Video tutorial How to open free paypal account

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preferred link :

open paypal account,click here
open liberty reserve account,click here
open virtual credit card account,click here
want to change your online currency to your country currency,click here 
or,do you want to sell or buy your paypal balance or liberty reserve balance,click here

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