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Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

The Venus Marketing,my favourite marketing book authored by Hermawan Kertajaya

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This time I will discuss a topic about "venus marketing". What is the meaning of "venus marketing"? Sometimes I remember about my experiences in my daily social life. I met in social activity that the man mostly dominance,active,and (obviously)rational to make a decision. Then I met a group of my girl friend(not my girlfriend :D), they always thinking emotionally linked to something before make a decision,mostly passive,and choose to giving away rather than dominating others.

 Hermawan Kertajaya,world-class marketer from Indonesia Country

So this is the true fact about our society. Hermawan Kertajaya, one of the famous marketing profesional and marketing consultant in the world (and I am so proud that he came from Indonesia),quote that in this recent world, there is a great change in consumption pattern. In the past, the man as a husband, the leader in his household, had a great dominance to make a decision about anything that must be bought monthly. And when the household budget rationally acceptable by the husband, a wife can be bought everything which confirmed by the husband.

In the past,Everything about money and consumption in a household had been managed by rational thinking. But in recent days, we can see many women bought anything that she want behind her husband and even the husband itself shopping everything that he want without thinking rationally alias emotionally linked to a product.

Nowadays, the man and the woman had no significance ratio about shopping everything that they want, besides their low budget and even had a debt in their credit card when he/she shopping following their emotion and feeling about new spectacular product(he/she will be the victim of marketing itself without thinking about that product full usage in his/her daily life). So Mr.Hermawan in his book,"Venus Marketing" discuss about huge tendency with our society,that shopping pattern which had by woman was had by man too. It was so disgusting that modern man had no control about his financial and always shopping almost everything in supermarket or outlet without knowing about how to made it full usage in his daily life(in Indonesian language it's called "mata hijau"), this habit was really bad(but in otherside,it was good for marketer :D ).

But interesting fact that Man always connected by "Mars" image and woman by "Venus" image, so if you want to be a marketer, both in offline and online, just try to follow Mr.Hermawan advice,you must attract your customer emotionally(venus ways) rather than rationally(mars way) because (you know it!!) almost of your money itself was spent unconsciously (and emotionally affected by a product). Mr.Hermawan said,this is the core and the secret of marketing. Interesting right? :D

So, if you want to read more about venus marketing, just go to the link below and or link banner provided by amazon,your trustworthy online store,happy reading :D..

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ya this is very much mandatory for a person to be best marketer in his family life too, it leads to the success of that in professional life too. Once we were studying marketing management in grad it was the core focus that if u cant have best impression management for yourself then how can u for ur product.,

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Understanding customer's emotion and influence him/her accordingly is the best way to crate your market and brand value .

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@Debt counseling Your welcome,I mean really thanks..since I am hadn't too much knowledge about what I must wrote,but I still trying to be the best(and let God do the rest) :D

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Yes,of course, his name is Hermawan Kertajaya,however I still don't know what is his chinese family's name..heheheh :D