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Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

STEVIA is the solution of your diabetes

<= Stevia plant

Hello my reader, happy new year 2010 to all
I am sorry to late updating this blog
But eventually I still had a tons of idea that had not realized to be wrote in this blog.

Ok, now I want to discuss about stevia plant. What is this plant used for? First I want to ask you, do you knew diabetes? Diabetes was one of the most disease problem in our culture since we eat (and drink) almost all of meal that contained sugar and if we overeat it, our pankreas gland that produce hormone that stabilize our blood sugar was suffering too much pain and overburdened by your bad diet and even worsened day by day, and it can be beyond of your consciousness before it was too late !!

Beware of diabetes, because this disease could be complicative and resulted in many victims in hospital. If you had a diabetes, so it's now to arrange your dietary daily intake and leave your bad habit about consume sugary meals and drink, I suggest you to leave coke and beverage drink as soon as possible(fast food and junk food too), and started to eat more fruits and vegetables.

                                                           Stevia as sweetener

Many people considered saccharine to be sugar substitution, but I don't think it will be worked. I think we must consume natural herb that had sweetening flavour to be sugar substitution. I recommends you to consume stevia. STEVIA is an herb or shrub native to South and Central America and used as a natural sweetener for centuries by those peoples. Yes,this is more natural resources that we had than saccharines that produced by chemical reaction in many labs.

There are some 150 species of stevia many having as much as 300 times the sweetness of manufactured sugar and without any of the side effects. Three hundred times? wow !! you can calculate it, how many calories that you could save from obesity, high blood pressure and even diabetes itself. And the good news is stevia now can be bought and shipped safely to your home. Great,isn't it?

So many reason why we must leave bad dietary habit, you knew that almost food (and drink) that we ate is poison. Yes poison. We know there is too much pain and disease we suffer by overeating and had no take excercise regularly.

Here is the video about Stevia had named "the holy grail of sweetener",interesting...check this out :

Stevia,the holy grail of sweetener

Dont think too much..because sooner or later, your diabetes or your relative that suffering diabetes will be worsened, just check this link below to go to the online store where you can buy it from trustworthy distributor :

YumDrops Flavoring

Just choose one of them by yours.

Thank you for your attention
Have a nice day :D

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2 komentar:

Koko James mengatakan...

this is a good information to help my family who has diabetes..

koko james

Mif on the duty mengatakan...

@Koko James,yes thank you,in father had been suffered diabetes for about almost ten years..and you know that daily consuming of tea or coffee (after berakfast or dinner) with too much sugar will increase probability to suffered diabetes. Sugar in our body will acidic and "eat" your calcium deposit @your bones(and made osteoporosis in the future),beware of not too much consuming sugar :D