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Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

10 things that more valuable than money itself

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This time I will discuss about 10 things that more valuable than money itself. OK, I already knew that most people in the world(maybe yourself) will be react against this articles oppositely because (maybe) you think that money is your sources of happiness. Well, this statement is not wrong as well as not right. The true principles that you should had, the money was only one of "a tool" that you must gained to reached your happiness, but remember what I said that this things below was more valuable than money itself, so you should take this things as your priority to be kept and reserved above money.

Here is the list :

1.) GOD

We are special creatures in this real world that had a "religious consciousness". There is The Supreme Creator behind this Universe's creation. That's you called God, no matter your religion and or beliefs, don't forget to pray daily and always remember Him to keep us from harm and always give us guidance within our life. Although we have been worked in the office and busy with our jobs to earns our life.

2.) Family (and or relatives)

The family is our most valuable asset that can't be exchanged even with all of gathered treasure and money in the world. If you had been married, then you really conscious that the family was so valuable, you were sacrificed anything only to kept your family's intact. So you should take your family as your priority rather than busy to thinking about money. Did you agreed by what I said? 

3.) Friends (relation/colleagues)

Friend was essentials things that you should have to gained your ultimate happiness besides God and your family. If you had best friends and many colleagues, you should kept your relationship with them by held some social meetings and other social-related gathering. Indonesian people said "silaturahmi". This things was important because there is so many cases that your friends will offered assistances to you in many difficulties (including your financial,relationship and or other simple things problem) even without your request,just share your burden with your reliable friends, and I believe they will help you. True friends never die :D

4.) Needs to peace, freedom and harmony

Did you had some relatives that ever lived in warfield? If they told you that war is really terrible then you should give your thankfulness to God that you had been lived in peaceful-independent country. If you had offered a billion of dollars and the peace,freedom and harmony,which one did you choose?
There is many incidents that rich people got stressed and committed suicide by hanged him/herself, did you know why? Because there is no peace within his/her heart..,for sure.

5.) Health

Simple word with deep meaning within it. Did you want to exchange your health with billion of money? Did you want to exchange your limbs with many golds,diamonds and another expensive jewelry? Only the crazy (and stupid) people agreed to exchange their most valuable assets from God with money. So take care of your health and you will know that you were so rich. Because you were so valuable in His eyes.

6.) Rich people's mindset,skill and knowledge

I already read the interesting book in library that research about rich people around the world. There is one rich man called Ford, his longname is Henry Ford, the CEO of Ford Inc,one of largest automotive industry in the world. He said that if I lost all of my wealth in one day, I was really sure that I could bring it back quickly and spent more efficient times to got it rather than my previous wealth. It will be happen because he was already had rich people's mindset,skill and knowledge. This is the obvious differencies between rich people and (average) poor people.

7.) Heart's richness and ability to feel happy and thankful in the "stormy weather"

Your widening heart will bring you to peaceful mind. No hatred,no revenge,and no "rotten" conflict. And with the pure and clean heart, you will be more happy and thankful even in the "stormy weather" or difficulties in your life. Considering that your revenge and hatred was nothing more than burden, you would be more focus and determined to got more higher achievement along your life. This thing never ever be exchanged with money....

8.) L.O.V.E

This word contained a lot of senses since there is so many kinds of love. But now I represent it for the "universal love". Every creature in the world need to love and to be loved. Even the most ferocious animals like wolves, would be more protective to their "children". This is because love was the most precious gift from God. One of the songs titled "Stop" from old girlsband, SpiceGirl told you that girl need more "human touch". I think that "human touch" was referred as love itself.

"Stop right now, thank you very much...
I need somebody with the human touch."

9.) Independency

Independency has grown up from our responsibility about our own life. With this thing, we will be able to manage every action we did and take responsibility for what we have done before. Independency was important for adult people because without this attitude and also with discipline, we never had highest achievement that we should achieved in our life. 

10.) (Simple) Happiness mood

There is a proverb that told about happiness : "It was better to had fake happiness rather than had real sorrow". However happiness was related to thankful attitude that we should have. Just take a look at your youngest children that still in Kindergarten or elementary school. Look at his/her face, they have simple happiness and sinless appearances. This occurs because they don't think complicated things like adults thinking. Modesty and smoothness that they had was really interesting. And I believe they have not disturbed by any worried. So let's start your day with pray,hope and smile. Believe that today will be fine and anything will be OK. Control your emotion smoothly because others can see what's wrong with you from your outside appearance. 

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

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Nice article .. yes, money is not everything .. there are things that are more important than money

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@Business logo design, :D,thank you friends,I hope I can give more valuable information to all of my readers

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I'm glad to see, that there are still some people in the world who know that money is not everything. Family and health comes first!

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100% agree with you. May you also read my post about happiness, HERE

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