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Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

The song from around the world that matched for human personality

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine

This time I enlisted all of known song list around the world that matched for human basic personality. So if you had a personality below, you will be inclined to like each of this song, check this out :

Choleric (easily-angered,straightforward,love challenge,purposeful,natural leader,bossy,always "right",obstinate within strenght,"hardboiled",always said "no time for losers", I can change my life)

Matched song
1.) We are the champion-Queen
2.) L.I.F.E-YUI
3.) Real Me-Ayumi Hamasaki=> this song is interesting because the lyrics that encourage women emansipation :
the lyrics is "a woman can be dangerous, a woman can be generous,in order to survive"
4.) Ready Steady GO-LArc En Ciel
5.) Breakin' the habit-Linkin Park
6.) Change The World-V6
8.) Heart of Sword-TM Revolution

(help me to build this list)

Sanguin (cheerful,talkative,unstable emotion,always "optimist",always noisy,often attractive and had so many "fans",always alive,believe in adventure including in love,life is fun !!)

Matched song
1.) Naturally-Rin Asuka(Wakana Sonozaki alias Dopant Claydoll)
2.) Gee-SNSD/Girl Generation
3.) Love so sweet-Arashi
4.) Anything but ordinary-Avril Lavigne=>my favourite songs
5.) Kiss by kiss-Emilia=>try to hear this song when you are fallin'love,feel the effects :D
6.) Climax Jump-Kamen Rider Den-O OST opening song
7.) Raison d'Etre-Round Table&Nino=>OST Chobits opening song
8.) Summer Night-John Travolta & Olivia Newton John
9.) Diobok obok-Joshua=>debut appearance of Thukul Arwana
10.)Ketika Kau menyapa-Marcell

This is the unique lyrics from "Anything but ordinary" song that described about sanguin people :

I'd rather be anything but ordinary please..
Let down your defences,use no common senses if you look you will see that's the world is beautiful,accident,turbulent,succulent,oppulent,tormented in no ways. I wanna taste it, don't wanna waste it away!!!!

That's the special characteristic of sanguin people,they always want to feel all of beautiful and "fun" experiences in the world. This is normal since they have adventurous heart. But hey sanguin people, when you were grown up? :D

Phlegmatic (COOL,peace,"angel" heart,relax,obstinate within silent,pokey,clumsy,"able" to do almost anything,the diplomat,nonchalant and modest in appearance,often passive, and receive almost anything in their life without any complaint)
["able" means cekatan dan nggak banyak ngomong,langsung kerjakan]

Matched song
1.) Walking away-Craig David
2.) Negeri di awan-Katon Bagaskara=>my favourite song
3.) Kangen-Maliq n D'Essentials=>very recommended to be heard
4.) Feel Good Inc-Gorilaz
5.) Terdiam-Maliq n D'Essentials
6.) Sampai nanti sampai mati-LETTO
7.) Kaze no Mahou-Ootou Fumi=>OST Popolocrois opening song
8.) As long as you love me-Backstreet Boys
9.) Liu Xing Yu-F4
10.) Piknik-NAIF

(help me to build this list)
Note : Almost all of jazz,rhythm and all of slow simple music was categorized below this list. So Maliq n D'Essentials as one of Indonesian jazz music group was special credit to be added.

Melancholic (serious,moody,perfectionist,like beauty and art,always worried,genius,loyal,romantic,very sensitive,feel glad when found him/herself is the best,didn't ever try to disappointed others,looks like "weak" person because always "sad" but in fact within their heart they are strong,emotional,often dark and "emo",feel alone even they are in crowd people,life must valuable and had "meaning")

Matched song(identic with "gombalism" but worthy to be heard :D)
1.) Kuta Bali-Andre Hehanussa
2.) Menjaga Hati & Janji Suci-Yovie n Nuno
3.) Selama kubernafas-Stanley Sagala
4.) Kenangan terindah-Samson
5.) Karena kucinta kau-BCL
6.) Pasangan Jiwa & Selembut awan-Katon Bagaskara
7.) Tokyo-YUI
9.) Almost all of Ari Lasso's song including
10.) Mimpi terindah-Tofu
11.) Hujan-Utopia
12.) Kuterimakan-Audy
13.) Haruskah kumati-ADA Band
14.) One last cry-Brian McKnight
15.) Bersamamu & Perih-Vierra
16.) Untukku-Chrisye
17.) Kisah Insani-Chrisye & Vina Panduwinata
18.) When I fallin'love-Nat King Cole
19.) Bila tiba saatnya-Tere=> interesting because this song described melancholic character clearly,here is the lyrics:

"Bila tiba saatnya kuharus pergi jauh darimu,maka MAAFKANLAH S'GALA KETERBATASAN yang membuatku tak bisa SEMPURNA dihadapanmu,bila tiba saatnya kuharus pergi dan tak kembali,kuharap YANG TERBAIK bagimu.doaku kan selalu bersamamu,dan kiranya ku terkenang abadi..."

really melancholic song,and if you were melancholic person,don't hear this song,OK :D
or you will be desperate along the day

20.) ChronoCross Ending-RPG Game in Playstation 1
21.) Merindukanmu-Minoru
22.) Yesterday and Today-Do As Infinity
The lyrics of Yesterday and Today is "It's so precious when you had good wishes,open eyes and see inside of your hearts..."
23.) Lagu Rindu-Kerispatih=>really really really recommended..easy listening and melow song and able to bring you to nice dream...:D
24.) S'gala rasa cinta-Fryda Luciana
25.) Gerimis-KLA Project
26.) Untitled-Maliq n D'Essentials
27.) Pieces of my Words-"Crystal" Liu Yi Fei(her callnames is Ippei)=> really recommended to cute girl lovers,hahahahah...just kidding
28.) Kerinduanku-AB Three=> you knew this song?the clips aired around 1995 in Indonesian private television broadcasting company....
29.) Natsu Kikyuu-Otsuka Rie=>OST Popolocrois Ending Song
"Doko made moo,tsurete ittemo natsu kikyuu notte.."
30.) Malaikat juga tahu-Dewi Lestari
31.) Hanya dirimu-Dygta ft Meda
32.) Romansa-KLA Project
33.) Tomorrow Never Knows-Mr.Children

(help me to build this list)
Almost all of melancholic person was artist and scientist,because there is internal urge within his/her heart that they must "perfect" , I knew it because I had a little bit of melancholic character...
Ehem ehem...,for any of desperate single man, I encourage you to avoid hear the song titled "pasangan jiwa" by Katon or you will be more desperate ,for sure.
I had my own sweetheart so it won't be worked :D

Interesting facts that all of the people in the world is always the mix of 2 or 3 personality described above(with different intensity for each personality). In this case, you might be dominant in sanguin and little choleric or else. It was easy to build the song list in melancholic song part. I don't know why? But there is huge market around the world in melancholic(melow) love songs. If you had some opinion and want to add this list I let you to help me build this list :D

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

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