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Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Microworkers,your best solution part time-online job

Hello my readers
how are you today?
I hope that you are fine.

Hello all of my readers, I just want to say thank you for your loyality to be my readers, I really highly appreciated your loyality indeed. And now, I want to give you an interesting info. This info is very valuable and useful to increase our online income. Ok, to the point. I introduce Microworkers to you, one of the best part time or freelancer jobs you ever knew. You had to asked me why? I explain the reason why,later. But I reminds you first,that each person had unique ability and creativity minds, did you agree to me? Yes, you prove my statement in your daily life, you could made much great achievement in some years in your academic life or even in non-academic like you had a reward for winning running competition etc.

I think you could be feel more challenged when you had rated by someone that you respected with good score. I just challenged you too to made much achievement in this part time job such Microworkers and of course you will be rewarded by earning money(dollars). Do you accept my challenge to made more money by your hands itself? :D. If you want to earn much money from Microworkers you might be diligent and practice more to be the best fast writer and I am too still in the process of learning that. Heheheh..

Microworkers give you rating for your finished jobs. If you pick up some jobs and finished that in avalaible time limit that had been given my client, you will be rewarded. And don't worry to be stock out of jobs, there is many client in this website that accept more than 50 workers at the same time for one job. Interesting right? Yeah, but you should be patience and be persistent because like this name :[micro] and [workers], you will be received a little of dollar for finished one job but, If you were diligent, you should be highly rewarded by clients. I had been satisfied that I earn 4+ dollars currently for finish 30+ simple jobs. I am a beginner too like you dude!! :D. And remember what I said, you must hold your job rating at least 75% or you will be banned forever from Microworkers. Horror? no friends !! it was challenge to test our skills !!

Are there more benefits to join this program? of course, you might be surprised because almost of these jobs in Microworkers was very simple and you guess what? Many people in worldwide(including Indonesian people like me) proof that this program really paid you. This is serious, I means this site was reliable and trusted by many others online part timer like me. :D. Oh yes,did you had any of "online wallet" like paypal? if you don't have any kind of these account then you should be revisited my articles about virtual money deposit here and join one of your mostly like online wallet account. Oh, I was almost forgot, you must had more than one email account to "sign up task" from clients. Because sometimes, there are clients had an order to sign up to dating situs or similar like this. So your privacy will be reserved :D.

Here is my proof that of my earning from microworkers(I will withdraw it when reached 10 dollars) :

 As I said, diligent and perseverance was very important things to be successful person. Remember it,ok? :D. I could said that Microworkers is your best solution part time-online job ever,especially for beginner like us.(for more advance online-bussinessman, don't be shy to take part to share your knowledge to your beginner :D)

Here is my tips to do this "micro jobs in microworkers as my reward to you as my loyal reader :

1.) You must had fluent English, 

if you didn't, you still got your earning by the helping of dictionary and even Google Translate or some software tools like Linguist creative, friends...!!

2.) You must had a website or blogs that used to review client products

However, this is optional and even you had it you must had google pagerank of 1 and at least your blog's age has 6 months old. So you might be started to earning by fulfilled all of sign-up or bookmarking some site by client's request. The job itself was very simple friends...:D

3.) You must be diligent and persevere to do your task

4.) Don't forget to donate your earning as tithe

Ok, I hope you will be happy to read my articles. If you want to join and accept my challenge then click this preferred link below to register yourself and started to work !!

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

preferred link :

Good luck mateys !!!
And happy earnings ...

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Mursalin mengatakan...

Nicely written .. it makes everything clear and seems easy to understand.

Good luck, hopes many other readers will join you soon xD

ahmed mengatakan...

I have gone through this blog. I found it very interesting and helpful. Nowadays I am completing my online degree course from home.
So this blog really doing great for me.

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