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Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

Branding, one of the most important things to create your bussiness image

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This time I will discuss about the important of branding. What is the meaning of branding itself? In my opinion, branding was described your overall bussiness images to public and especially to your prospective customers.In real bussiness's core, branding was the vital point to give your bussiness identity and unique differences compare than your rivals. Almost all of the marketer knew about the important of branding his client's or his/her products. At any rate with online bussiness products. As we knew, almost all of the products that offered in internet had no physical matters, but often it shaped in the form of services(for examples: VCC verified services by Dewi Palupi), digital e-books, and another unphysical things that could be sold to the online marketplaces.

I found that almost all of the online-bussinessman/woman, created their own bussiness name as their image, they expected that their branding might lifted a good images about his/her products and also built their customer trust. I enlist some of their bussiness branding's name in here(you may added the rest of them by give your comments in this article's comment).


Here is the list of Indonesian senior blogger,this list will be added regularly by your suggestion in article's comment, I hope you(and me) will learn a ton of knowledge to got more online-earning from them :
(His/her domain name showed his/her market branding)


and many more...(help me to build this list)

The list above would be added day by day. Too much to be mentioned one by one. This is the proof of the Indonesian blogger's talents. So for Indonesian people, be proud of your skillful bloggers above :D.

In my case, I choose my blog's name : Mifblogs, I had a vision that simpler is better. The branding's name of your web/blog should be easy to remembered by your customer. This also one of the ways 

The interesting fact is one of my close (real) friends named Syarif branded all of his web's name by the suffix "-qu",

For examples :


( I don't know how much his website he built since he never told me all of his websites and his blogs :D)

So my friends, did you had created your own branding's bussiness name? :D

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Mursalin mengatakan...

Nice list of Indonesian professional bloggers. I surely am going to bookmark their sites and getting to know each one of them.

One thing that I can examine is that 90% of them has a dedicated domain name for their blogs and sites!

Talking about branding, I don't have any courage to use my name as my own brand, yet. I have an English blog branded "Get Exposed", and that brand is quite good I think.