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Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Tips and trick to keep your website/blog's alexa rank and or its Google PageRank

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This time I will discuss a significant topic about how to keep your web/blog's alexa and or google pagerank. No friends, I want give you natural ways and not to be cheating because sooner or later, google crawler as google bot script would detected your cheat and banned you forever from google's SERP(Search Engine Result Page). And you know that this is really "horror" for your web/blog's existence because you will lost the massive amount of free direct traffic from Google.

As we all knew about alexa and Google Pagerank(PR) will be a massive amount of point to got your initial traffic. But did you knew how to keep your alexa and PR unless you played in some of paid to review writing's articles? I had no sufficient data how to keep it but I want to tell you from my blogging's experiences up till now.

This is you must do and don't as the serious "professional" blogger to keep your alexa and PR :

1.) Always,always and always update regularly, even only for short articles(approximately 100-150 words)

This is vital point for your blog's life. If I had an analogy, I see my blog as my pet. If I don't feed them regularly, of course they will be die as soon as possible right? So what food did you must give to your "pet"? In blog's case you must feed them by regularly update them. But the question is, how many times you (and me) must update our blog regularly? There is no official regulation in it,heheheh...however, it was better to marked your calender as your commitment to update and "feed" your blog regularly so your blog always "healthy" and "strong" enough to be played in many field of online bussiness. This is my advice for you, I encourage you to at least 2 times a week update your blogs. This activity however, depends on blogger's spare time in his/her daily life (except for full time blogger).

2.) If you have been played for some Paid To Review programs(PTR), then you must add your original articles between your PTR's articles

This is vital point to keep your pagerank, you must had some tricks to do it, since if you had an ability for writing PTR's articles so you must insert your original (don't copy from another articles,but you might be rewrite it by your own creativity). So don't leave your PTR's articles opened for the long times of dormant period of no-article's update. This is dangerous. Moreover,when your PTR's articles had no direct related's topic with your blog's topic. The good example is : If your blog's topic is bussiness but you must review some of home and furniture topic's  website. I am really sure you will be banned by Google when you had not update your recent articles as soon as possibles. (In indonesian language it was called : berselang-seling/bergantian).

Interesting facts that I lost my pagerank since early january of 2010. And now, my pagerank is N/A alias not available, it is sad enough for me. This is occured as a consequences of my absence of updating my blogs at the end of the last year(2009). But, I still had a bravery to keep my blogging's activity. Because some of senior blogger ever had experience of this problem, and getting off the ground, so if they can, why I can't do it?

Be brave for you my friend that got this "disaster" because if we had a strong will there is a way opened....I still believe for it !!

3.) Don't forget to do 3B activity : befriends,blogwalking,bookmarking to social bookmark

If I had a good analogy for it, I want you to imagine that you had a new home-made product like cute hairclip and you want to sell it. What the first things you must do? Ok,here is the answer : you must had many network and many friends, you know that home-made product is a common woman product and you could started your promotion to your family, close friends, and or your classmate. If you reached this marketplace and they are interested then it is a sign that you got your first customer marketplace, you might expanded your market to introduce your product to other community like your online community etc. So the function of community is you will depends on each other and solving common problems that related to your community's sake. That's why I let you to have so many friends of blogger so you will interact each other and had resolve your blogging's problem. This is essential,for sure.

And for bookmarking to social bookmark, this is nice ways to introduce your article's contents to more of millions reader of blogger over this world and of course you will(unconsciously) send unique traffic to your web/blog from this social bookmarking site for free !! I recommends you to use stumbleupon, digg, reddit, technorati, mybloglog and another useful social bookmark.

4.) Don't use google adsense banner along in one page besides your Paid to Review articles.

I recommends you to create your new special blog for google adsense only, because Google was really "angry" when its ads put in one page along with your Paid To Review articles. It was dangerous and of course it is your fastest ways to get banned from Search Engine Result Page of Google. So,becareful for it friends.

Ok friends, enough for now. I really appreciated when you put your comment in this articles and add your opinion and your advice to this articles. Thank you for your participation, mateys.

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

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