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Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Tips to increase your PPC program's earnings and increase your blog's visitor

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This time I will brought you to the topic about tips to increase paid per click program's earning. But before my explanation, I want to describe what the meaning of paid per click programs or shortly called PPC. PPC is one of the many kinds of way to earning money from internet, we would be paid from the clicks from our web/blog visitor that visited us.

If you want to be the member of PPC programs(as blogger or publisher) then you should be register of one of local PPC below :

Do you want to join KumpulBlogger,click here

KumpulBlogger is the most trusted local PPC program in Indonesia, therefore you should registered your publisher account in KumpulBlogger. With almost of 100.000 publisher and successful paid out all the time, this site was recommended for newbie blogger.

Do you want to join AdsenseCamp,click here

Since the suggestion by one of my friend, I add this link to register as publisher AdsenseCamp,AdsenseCamp had a good reputation among blogger too,and I guaranteed you might be satisfied with their services,good luck !!

PPC is also one of the easiest ways to earning money online, but you must fulfill these requirement properly or your account will be banned and or even your account won't be banned but your earning not to be satisfied because too little clicks by visitor,this is my advice and some tips from me to increase earning from PPC programs :

1.) You must had a continue update web/blog
at least 2 times in a week so you had a regularly streaming of visitor, even my blog was in proccess to got a lot of visitor per day. I hope I had 100 visitor per day in my headquarter. Amen.

2.) You must be diligent to blogwalking and befriends with another web/blog author
and don't be shy or reluctant to attend real time gathering events in your cities, in Indonesia there is so many gathering that be held by local blogger, for example is batagor(Bandung Kota Blogger) etc. The events could be Pesta Blogger or else.

3.) You must be diligent to trade your link and give your comments to your "neighbour" web/blog
What is the purpose for comment? Your comment was not only to insert your inbound link to another blog, but also represents your intelligence,culture and what is the content of your minds too. So with high quality comments(and not junks or spit bad words in other blogs) in another blogs especially at your friend's blog,you slowly but sure build your reputation and credibility as serious blogger. And what the meaning of trade link? trade link is your useful tools to creates simultan connection between your link and other web/blog link. Honestly I don't know the details about google's algorithms for this complicated calculation value of the link. And I was gladly accepted your link trade openhandedly :D

4.) Don't be lazy to update your blogging knowledge 
by studied from the experiences of senior blogger. Remember that there is no real height of the skies,there is always higher sky over our reachable skies(in Indonesian it was called : diatas langit masih ada langit).
The keywords is study,practice it,and focus simple right ? :D

5.) Be creative,
there is many ways to the Rome,but always choose the best valuable ways so in the end you had more reputation,friends,self esteem (and also earning) and etc for what you've done seriously. You know what I means? Albert Einstein in one of his statement said : Imagination was more valuable than science itself. But what imagination ? I think that the imagination guided by knowledge and our experiences (and our pray) would brought us closer to our goal :D

6.) Don't be too strict to limited your blogging style
 , I was dare to wrote this blog even I had no writing background,heheheh...
In my beliefs, Google really hate the copied articles from other web/blog. So the originality of your blogging style would be required to placed your articles link in top tier google searching page.

7.) If you had a complicated articles that might be confused your visitor,you must attached the video or another explanation image that had explained your articles.

If you had an experiences to increase your visitor,dont be shy to give some comments below this articles. I was very glad to your participation in my blog,thanks a lot.

Thank you for your attention,
see you @my next articles

[Original contents by Mif]

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Mursalin mengatakan...

First one to comment :)

I have bad experience with 'kumpul blogger'.. not even 1 rupiah in my earning :(
So, I switched to 'adsense camp' and some international PPC/PPV services

Mursalin mengatakan...

Hey mate, thanks for noticing my blog and taking my consideration. I'm very thankful to you. Hope you do well with your blogging and earning :)
Have a nice day